Dr Anas Alam Faizli

Director, Business Development and Special Projects, Eversendai Corporation Berhad
Assistant Honorary Secretary, Malaysian Oil and Gas Services Council
Appointed Oil and Gas Industry Expert by Ministry of Human Resource

1.How has your life changed upon graduation?

My academic pursuit changed my life almost immediately. When I began my doctorate, I had strong technical exposure but limited grasp of business and economics. OUM helped me to complete my knowledge.

I pursued my doctorate via coursework because I needed the discipline. Through my studies, I acquired research capabilities and was blessed with many interesting opportunities. While still studying, I managed to author a book, speak at seminars and talks held by various universities and forums, and even set up an economic think tank.

My academic experience fuelled the desire to pay it forward. It led me to volunteer with Teach for the Needs, a group which provides free tuition for the underprivileged.

It has been a transformative and fulfilling journey, and I continue to learn today. Thank you to OUM for providing me with the tools to keep thriving.

2. How would you like to contribute to OUM?

I'm currently employed in a top management role in charge of business development and special projects including an oil and gas setup.

The organisation I work for is a world leading heavy steel specialist involved in the construction of high-rise buildings, infrastructure and power plants. The Petronas Twin Towers and Burj Khalifa are in its list of accomplishments. I am fortunate to have made it this far and hope to carve out more illustrious years ahead.

I strongly believe that you have to give back to society and you can do so in many ways. Recently, the Ministry of Human Resource appointed me as an oil and gas industry expert. I hope to promote OUM’s lifelong learning motto to the masses, and give back to the University through its alumni.